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Four Tapati 2008 Stage Images

Jan 11, 2021

I finished reviewing the Tapati 2008 outdoor stage images – at night after a day of competitions. These four have been added both to the Folio – on Page 11 – and to the Tapati 2008 Page. That leaves a review of day competition images. Separating the review like this helps tackle over 30,000 exposures. While the three images below depict people, the opening shot is a b&w of the center section of the stage backdrop itself. With color lights on it it could be striking but, as always, I’m after what is obscured by the “noise" that can be color.

Below, Felipe Tuki, father of Viviana, one of the three Tapati Queen candidates in 2008, plays the accordeon and sings a traditional Rapanui song in that part of the competition for points. The accordeon came to the Island early on along with tango, with Argentinian sailors, quickly becoming part of the culture.

The next two images are from my favorite of the historical skits in the 2008 festival. There was pretty much no need for translation into English. The fellow below is a suitor bringing offerings to the family of his bride, at the same time showing his prowess as a provider.

Then, of course, the marriage ceremony – which was followed by the “groom” running off stage carrying the joyful “bride”.

Easter Island Folio Page 11 • Tapati Rapanui 2008