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Next to last batch of additions to Tapati Rapanui 2008

Jan 22, 2021

At this point in rounding out the Rapanui images, it’s something of a random categorical thing. This lot especially. The first image, above is one I did not remember having, or maybe I was just too intimidadated by the the challenges involved in actually getting an image out of the exposure.

Even at 400mm, the subject was a very, very small part of the exposure. The amount of interpolation would have taken a full frame to be maybe 3’x4’. And this was just to get this part to somewhere around a 12x16. I did it in stages, carefully. Then I was very careful to treat the foreground and background totally different. In the end, I like it. The subject was moving very fast, and I was having to pan to the right and down at almost a 45 degree angle (kind of a tricky pan to hold).

Below is the portrait I took of her immediately after the run – it was used on the cover of MoeVarua, a wonderful little magazine distrubuted to tourists and airline passengers arriving on the Island (that would be the original color exposure, of course).

See it here, last image on Page 2 of the Easter Island Folio.

The second new image is a young lady I don’t have a name for. She’s part of the basket weaving competition. The image captures a little of how fascinating it can be to watch the process.

The final image is of Viviana, one of the Queen candidates (and a friend) taking a break from the competitions and holding her niece. I hope Vivi likes this one.

Easter Island Folio Page 11 • Tapati Rapanui 2008


• I was putting together some images for another on-line folio and found that I couldn't resist adding a couple more of my Hafla images to the Folio (another of Amartia and one of Azyra). It’s not uncommon for me to review exposures and see potential where I didn’t at first. HERE.