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A Short Pride Day Posting

Oct 14, 2021

The Pride Day festival in Havre de Grace is something to be proud of – it’s a full-on family affair. And this year, in spite of having to be postponed and other issues related to COVID, was no exception. There wasn’t quite as much happening, but then again there was a lot more food available. And then something came up and we couldn’t stay for the grand finale – which I was looking forward to photographing.

So just these three images will be added to the Pride Day folio for now – expecting that the next festival will once again occur in June. Note that, while I do shoot a lot, I pointedly hold back images that I feel it would be inconsiderate to use, especially if they include children. The intro shot shows just one of the many groups that stood in line to get their pictures taken with drag queen Dustyn Dawn after her performance. I love it when I get an opportunity to shoot someone else posing a group for a shot – it’s really catching a moment.

The second shot, below, is Dustyn Dawn as she performs to a Brittany Spears number on the little runway they set up for that this time. And, yes, she did do a backflip in those heels, wow.

My last image here is something of a Havre de Grace Promenade “nature" shot. MC and performer “Bev” (taking a break from very high hells) and Dustyn Dawn off to the side of the stage while one of the other acts keeps the crowd entertained. 

For now these three will reside on the Events 2021 folio – soon to join past Pride day images in their own folio, awaiting more in June.