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First Friday Catch-up #3 – Finishing August

Oct 9, 2021

I admit it, I HAVE to start paying more attention to the names of bands playing First Fridays. Problem is there are so many – almost every block sports a group. From now on, a pen and paper in my pocket. It probably shouldn’t be necessary, but for the life of me I haven’t been able to find a list of them on line afterwards. Arrrrrgh.

The intro shot is one of the bands taking to the street during a break to take a selfie. I almost didn’t catch it in time – this didn’t last long. The following image is of the singer – with arm raised here blocking her face – striking a cool pose, with a gargantuan keyboard hanging from her shoulders:

UPDATE: the name of the band is FREEZER BURN

The last shot is a couple of guys who got a lot of double-takes. I did not ask what it was really all about, deciding that “no comment” would be the more appropriate title for the image:

All added to the First Fridays 2021 folio HERE