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First Friday Catch-up #4 – September

Oct 19, 2021

As with everyone, this is a busy time of year. And I’m playing catch-up on top of that. This should come close to finishing up addition to my First Fridays folio for 2021. They get added to preveious posted September images. Maybe one more quick trip through all the First Fridays exposures. The Opening shot here is a welcome addition to the street-chess collection. I call it “ I’ll just swap my bishop for your queen here…”. I like the expression on the lady in the background.

Second is a shot I grabbed, early on before dark, of the “lady” on stilts. Those wings can light up too. I just liked the composition:

Last is another quick grab, walking by the Havre de Grace Green Team booth, where they were selling honey – and dressed for it. We would have gotten some, but local honey is mostly clover honey. After our time on Easter Island, eating avacado honey, we make a point to order ours, even if it is all the way from California.

Added to the folio HERE.