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First Fridays Catch-up #1 – Duke, Guitar Solo and Three Classic Beauties

Oct 6, 2021

Somehow I got a little behind in my First Friday images – and it’s something I really enjoy covering. I've just posted my images from First Friday in October, and I still have images to work up and post from July, August and September. So this is the first of probably a few postings, interspersed with anything new that comes up, devoted to filling in the gaps. A couple of images here I had fun with. The intro shot is our own classical pianist Duke Thompson – playing the cow-bell in the Drum Circle. I love his expression as he cought me aiming a camera at him. the second shot is an electric-guitar solo on the next block down – I have a nice shot of the three members of the band in an earlier posting (see the folio to see both).

Finally, as I passed the local bridal boutique – to the side of which guitar guy was playing, I aimed my iPhone at what I would call three classical beauties out front, in the heat, promoting the boutique. I couldn’t resist doing some vignetting to set them off as they deserve.

I cannot figure out how they look so cool while I was so soaked in sweat that my photo-vest had to be thrown in the laundry when we got home. Next I’m working on four or five more iPhone shots from the same First Friday – I had just acquired a used iPhone 11 Pro, with its array of three lenses, and wanted to try them out.

Added to the First Friday folio 2021 HERE