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First Fridays catch-up #2 – iPhone Drum Circle Tests

Oct 8, 2021

I had just picked up my used iPhone 11 Pro – talk about a prohibitive price as new, wow. Anyway, after I got the few shots I thought I wanted with my camera, I put it down and decided to see what the added telephoto and extra-wide lenses on the phone could do. The telephoto or 2x, used on four of these shots, is more like a normal lens. It actually did pretty good, good enough to possibly leave the normal camera lens home in lieu of carrying it int my pocket for when I might need it (the 75-300 or 85-210) are my primaries. The phone’s ultra-wide has all the distortion I feared, although in some circumstances the effect could be kinda cool. I’m not sure about here. I used it as the intro anyway because, in spite of flaws, it does capture a moment.

The four “portrait” lens shots:

More Catch-up First Friday to come. Added these (larger & downloadable) to the 2021 First Friday folio HERE