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A Night of Mischief #1 – Bre

Nov 2, 2021

A Night of Mischief, Magic & Mayhem at the Vandiver – this was the lowest light, most challenging shoot for Rogue Swan yet. Of courseit was, it was Hallowee. I set my Fuji cameras on ISO 12800, dialed my shutter speed down from 1/250 to 1/200 just to get in the ballpark, climbed up on a short step stool against the wall – getting down occasionally to circle to a sharper angle, and fired off about eight hundred shots. 

The color exposures got turned over to Rogue – I’m pretty happy with those. Ain’t gonna get any mongo enlargements, but they turned out better than I expected. B&W isn’t as forgiving – and here I thought ISO 6400 was rough. More on that at the bottom.

Bre – Breonna Joi Lewis – is a powerhouse singer, and fun to shoot. I have enough good shots to make two postings just of her – but I’ll wait on that posting while I mix things up a little. The opening image shows Bre belting one out. When she grabs the mic in both hands I know some power is gonna flow. The second shot catches Bre at a different mic, with some of the decorations behind her. I love this one.

Next is just an exposure of Bre being cute, even in the harsh lighting and shadowing. 

Again, these have been added to the folio, beginning a new page for Rogue – A Night of Mischief

Shoot Notes:

Up through 3200 my work flow is pretty stable – use Capture One’s Fuji RAW converter and then move them out for completion. At 6400 it’s a little hit-and-miss, sometimes I have to try a number of converters to get to a good starting position. With 12800 (along with a few that were a full stop underexposed at that – making it 25600) I find I have to use Fuji’s X RAW Studio app – it lets you use the camera itself to convert to a JPG, your own way – then I open it as a 16-bit TIFF. I really hate to go through the jpeg step, but as yet X RAW Studio will not export as a TIFF – and this is getting me more usable files than any “preferred” pathway – albeit still with a LOT of work to do. I am also getting ready to run some tests on DXO’s new Fuji X-Trans converter. Crossing my fingers.