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A Night of Mischief #2 – More Bre

Nov 3, 2021

There are a lot of images to process for rogue Swan’s Night of Mischief… performance. But before I move on, I’ve got four more shots of Bre. I was going to come back to them later, but I really enjoyed working these up. And there are simply too many really nice shots of her this time to leave any out. I picked a couple of my favorites, and then Nan comes in and says "What about that one, and than one, and than one?" I wound up with a dozen to work on, eventually bringing seven to the table. 

The seven Bre images can be found in the Night of Mischief folio here… where Bre really, really comes to life.

I’m working on Katie Gordon next – I pulled out six, to which Nan added another dozen, ouch. So I imagine quite a few will make it to the table.

• Work-Flow Update

I’m certainly not one to run out and get any new piece of graphic software that comes along – I like to take the 30-day trial and, generally, toss them. One reason for all my testing is that Fuji’s X-Trans sensor – completely differrent from all other brand sensors out there, creates RAW files that do not convert well in software created for all those other guys. It’s a little bit of a frustration, but surmountable. Lately I’ve simply been using Capture One’s free RAW converter app designed for Fuji. It’s actually pretty good, though pretty frustrating and awkward to use. But then it pretty much fell on it’s butt with images from my recent Halloween shoot – where everything was exposed at iso 12800 (many a stop underexposed even at that).

DxO PhotoLab 5 is out, with a new beta X-Trans converter (Photolab 4 simply didn’t do Fuji). Hot darn. It is taking those expected-to-be-almost-hopeless exposures and making them not only an intuitive dream to work on, results are measurably better. OK, at the end of the month this thing is going to cost me some bucks, but for the images it will save, and the hours of torturous brushwork it will eliminate, it will be worth it.