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More Cow Bell – Jess Punches up the Finale Melee

Nov 29, 2021

Wow, I’m finishing up Halloween before December. Rogue Swan events are fun to cover, and I get to flex my b&w muscle. Other than Halloween, it’s pretty straightforward – a handful of images. But they pull out all the stops when it comes to the dark and macabre. The Strange Case of Rogue Swan, tthe Halloween show at the Opera House provided enough for a pretty hefty book. And it’s taken me a month to finish up with this year’s dinner-theater celebration at the Vandiver in town.

All of these were shot hurredly, standing on a step-stool, in the dark, in fingers-crossed burst mode at iso 12800. This was the celebratory final number – accented by Jess, the group’s crooner, coming out of the audience to bring us all “more cow-bell”. 

These finish up the Rogue Swan Night of Mischief folio, here… larger and downloadable.