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More Night of Mischief – April and Natasha

Nov 15, 2021

Continuing my attack on the scarily high-iso/low-light exposures from the Rogue Halloween performance at the Vandiver. Group action was even trickier, but I will do some up later. Focused on individual portraits – you do what works best under the circumstances. First, always expressive and exuberant April Monique. The intro shot was caught mid-spin – I held the shutter down for maybe six frames for that, netting the one usable exposure. Hair is flying and profile is just shy of sharp. The two below are from different singing numbers. Because April is both in Rogue Swan and a major player in the bellydance Haflas, I’m amassing a large collections of April images.

Then there was the Saxaphone player in the far corner from my position off tot he side of the staging area. I can’t count the number of times I aimed my lens at her, taking singles and waiting for just maybe some deep knee bends, arched back, etc. The light was even a little dimmer there (bummer). I get the impression that this young lady is setting her sights on an orchestra at some point – venues where clowning it up just might be a little frowned upon.

I believe her name is Natasha Herlinger – I’m sure I will hear about it if I’m wrongShe and her sister sometimes play with Rogue, on multiple instruments. I usually see Izzy with a violin in her hands.

Added to the Night of Mischief folio HERE, where they are all full size (for web) and downloadable.