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Moxie, Scott and the Dance

Nov 17, 2021

Still working on the Halloween show at the Vandiver. Evvery image from this show is like working a difficult to diabolical level sudokus, challenging but kinda fun. Otherwise I would be done by now, having shared a lot more images per posting. Nan says my idea of fun is more like slow torture. My apologies for taking so long. Today I’m adding a couple of Moxie / Marion Jackson – managing to catch her in a still moment for the intro shot here. Talk about being able to belt out a song. Before I knew and got used to all their names, I kept notes labeling Rogue members with quick nicknames – so many to keep track of. Marion’s was Roller Skate Girl – she spent the greater part of an earlier production on skates, on stage – quite a feat.

Next a close-up of Scott Kukuck singing. Actually, even though it was a Halloween performance, Scott was the only one who actually looked kinda scary. Not sure I’d want to meet that on the street in the dark, especially not on Halloween.

I debated whether attempting something from the final image here at all – and then questioned posting it. It is the most underexposed shot from the shoot – two to three stops from the iso 12800 setting. The raw file is almost black. Then there was the yung gentleman whose head blocked the bottom half with two large Xs shaved into the back of it – had to crop considerably. So I’m posting it a little smaller, keeping it dark (detail is simply not there) and doing my best to suppress the very considerable “noise”. Even with all that, I captured a moment – L H James coming out onto the floor and dancing with his wife Katrin.

More images to come, though for some reason I’m saving the more complex for last, the diabolicals

Again, on the Rogue Swan Night of Mischief page – that is obviously going to have to morph into two pages soon.