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Mya – from Night of Mischief

Nov 19, 2021

I can’t count how many shots I grabbed of Mya, the youngest member of Rogue Swan, spinning jumping and kicking – in the dark. It was more a matter of holding the shutter down for a five frames a second burst (I can do 8 and 11 but try to avoid it). and crossing my fingers and toes. Dozens were thrown away as useless, a total of eight retained for closer examination. From those the two gems below were able to be pulled, albeit kicking and screaming. The fascinating thing is that these are consective exposures – less than 1/5 of a second apart – Mya was really moving. For the intro image I used the horizontal of Mya and her father Scott – primarily so I could show these side by side. And yes, they will be larger on the Rogue Swan Night of Mischief folio page.

Scott, her dad, came out onto the floor to accompany her for a bit – yielding the intro shot and this one at the end:

It’s becoming pretty obvious that Halloween is definitely a Rogue Swan thing to look forward to locally. We’re looking forward to the Christmas show on Thursday the 16th of December – How Rogue Stole Christmas. A few tickets are still available and this will be grand fun. These are on the new:

 page 2 of images from Night of Mischief.

I’m getting all of these new images, and still have not recieved my new printer. The replacement for the one that died has been on backorder for going on six months now – I’m no longer amused.