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When Katie Sings on Halloween – Everyone Dances

Nov 24, 2021

Shades of "Hocus Pocus". I managed to grab a peek at some of the Rogue bunch dancing to Katie’s Halloween song. That’s Jess, Bre and Mya mid-frenzy (Jess Langley, Bre Lewis and Mya Jee Kukuck. The second shot, below, is a wide-angle view of a good portion of the cast, plus a couple from the audience, dancing to Time Warp. Not the sharpest – when everyone is moving it’s almost impossible catch “peak” of movement for all at once. Took some work, but it manages to catch the tone.

Now on to sorting through the images of what I call the “more cow-bell” melee that was the finale – having no idea at this point if it will be a small or large posting. Both of these are added to the Night of Mischief folio here