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Christmas Parade – a few shots in the dark…

Dec 13, 2021

I refer to these as “shots in the dark” because I often have no idea who I’m aiming the camera at until I see the results. Most of the light is coming from the parade, not on it. Sometimes it works, more often not. The opening image here, actually the last in the set, had me chasing JimmyO up the street. Funny too, I cought this with my first burst of five or six exposures. Yes, it’s Christmas, definitely a “color” holiday – so I posted the color version on Facebook so all the locals could see it. Admittedly even I like it better, just not as an addition to my b&w set of Havre de Grace Christmas Parade images. Once again, I was stuck shooting at ISO 12800 – oh joy.

Four more images below:

Window on the Parade – Bocamexa Taqueria

Night images, especially crowd exposures, show more shadow detail as as they are enlarged. All of these have been added to the Havre de Grace Christmas Parade page HERE… where they are a little larger, joining images from 2017, 2018 and 2019.


This year I’ve come a long way in what I can do with extreme ISO exposures. This leaves me with a number of images from the last couple of years, the night shots, that I can measurably improve on – eliminating a lot of the “grainy” effects particularly noticable in the Christmas Parade collection. While I can’t envision having the opportunity soon to redo those already in the folios, any prints will show the improvement.