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Three More Duets from Rogue Christmas at the Vandiver

Dec 30, 2021

I know, kinda slow getting these up. Like most people, very busy right now. Here are the rest of the duet pairings from Rogue Swan’s Christmas show at the Vandiver. Again, I’m having a great time meeting the challenge of iso 12800 w/lens wide open and trying to keep both in focus. Reverse vignetting the edges helps keep the image looking a little bright and holidayish.

The opening shot, Katie and son Jess, sports a tiny bit of manipulation. Their mics were a little further apart, twide the distance shown. I simply removed that part of the background, closing it in. Otherwise, the same picture. Then there’s Katie and Alex and Moxie and Alex.

Added to the folio page – How Rogue Stole Christmas, where they are a little larger, etc. Now on to the rest of the images. After which I have some end-of-yeat adjustments to make to the site – and get back to the rest of the Easter Island images still to be included.