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Finishing up the Roberto Pakomio tribute page addendom to the folio

Feb 23, 2021

There are only a handful of images to add to the Easter Island Folio at this point. Here I’m finishing up with those that relate to Roberto Pakomio - friend, musician and artist. The images are also in the general folio of course. On his tribute page I also added a link to the only music video he put out of one of his songs, on my YouTube channel – at the time it took me two days to upload it from the Island. After the final thumbnail, I added another YouTube link - Roberto singing “Blowin in the Wind” in Rapanui, Spanish and English”. BOTH LINKS ARE BELOW

The intro image was taken at one of Terry’s 4th of July parties. Jacobo Hey and Roberto are playing guitar together on her taupea, or veranda. In the image below, Roberto had just finished a couple of days of carving and erecting a striking wood pole and sign for his Aunt and Uncle. He brought them out to look and posed for this.

Finally, the last picture I took of Roberto - at Cafe Makona with Alexandra. I didn’h have a camera with me, just an early iPhone. It’s one of our favorites anyway.

Check our these images in the Folio, or better yet on Roberto’s tribute page, link below. First though check out his music video on YouTube – this was our Roberto. We have his CDs, all numbers composed and written by him – it’s a shame that there’s no way to get them because they are as good as any music out there, even without understanding a word. The music in the video is just one example:


Roberto Pakomio tribute page  •     • Blowin in the Wind in Rapanui, Spanish and English