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Thunder – The First of Three Postings to Finish Up Images Related to Roberto Pakomio

Feb 3, 2021

Patiri means thunder in Rapanui. Roberto said they decided on the name because he was conceived the first time his parents got together – we got the point. Many of the images of Roberto that I’m adding to the Easter Island Folio, and to the separate Pakomio section, were taken as personal images. With Roberto now gone, I was asked to make a point of creating a body of relavent images. The three today all include Patiri. The intro image is of little Patiri’s (Thunder”s) baptism.

We arrived back on the Island on one of our trips soon after Patiri was born. The Next image is Roberto coming over to show him off (in the earlier posting of him he wasn’t born yet - HERE):

The third image was taken during the following year’s trip, after the baptism. It’s probably my favorite picture of Roberto. By our next visit the couple had separated and Patiri was on the mainland with his mother. This was at Terry’s July 4th celebration in 2009. That would make Patiri about 11 and a half years old now. I like to think he would like to see these pictures.

As always, Blog images added to Folios are viewed at their best there – where they are also downloadable. Subjects, related parties and somethimes others will be sent higher resolution files on request. These are all also in Roberto’s page HERE.

SITE NOTE – sort of

I was a couple of days late announcing the previous blog posting. Oops, I got caught up in some re-reading. Looking forward to the upcoming mini-series based on Azimov's Foundation trilogy, I realized that I had originally read the series (the trilogy itself along with the dozen volumes around it) too many decades ago to have any concept as to how they might frame the series. I've just finished rereading through the 15 volumes. Not that I expect the show to deal with more than about a volume and a half of the trilogy itself – which occurs with two volumes yet to follow. They are all small volumes, most less than 300 pages. From I Robot to more than 20,000 years in the future, I was glad I decided to revisit this. Just in case anyone is interested, here's the list. Some of these are in the public domain already. I gave my hardbound series to a nephew ages ago, so this time I read them on my iPad Mini. I'm sure they can be purchased used though. Some readers prefer they be read in the order written (with I Robot and the Trilogy very early on), as I originally did – this order is chronological, as I attacked it this time. Either way works. The well known “hook” at the end of the final volume was never addressed, Azimov died before he could write the planned sequel.

1 I Robot collection of short stories

2 The Caves of Steel

3 The Naked Sun

4 The Robots of Dawn

5 Robots and Empire

6 The Currents of Space

7 The Stars, Like Dust--

8 Pebble in the Sky

9 Prelude to Foundation

10 Forward the Foundation

11 Foundation

12 Foundation and Empire

13 Second Foundation

14 Foundation's Edge

15 Foundation and Earth