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Ruperto Tepano and Mokomai Levitating

Mar 17, 2021

A couple more straggler images from the Easter Island project – my “work-on” folder is nearing empty. That’s where I collect copies of anything and everything from a project that I deem worth working on. Not all work out, but it keeps me from having to scan through thousands of exposures over and over again.

Ruperto Tepano, Maruka’s cousin, took us all on horseback treks a couple of times. Once a good way around Teravaka and, where this image is from, across Poike. We had noted the location of a large rock called The Map of the Stars and were showing where it was – not easy to find even if one has been there multiple times. It’s located in the middle of a huge area with no landmarks other than a particular lineup of maunga in the distance.

Ruperto farms just outside of Hanga Roa, but also has a horse ranch on the other side of the Island. A strong guy – Nan, only 5 foot tall, remembers him as the one who would lift her onto and off her horse, with seemingly no effort. The shot above is Ruperto taking a break, holding on to his mount. One of my favorite images in the second volume of Rapanui images “The Moon has been Eaten – More Images from Easter Island” was taken after one of these trips. It’s of one of Ruperto’s boys sitting on a fence at sunset After the Ride.

the horses have something of a mind of their own. They run completely wild when not being used – his boys woiuld round them up into a corral, where selections would be made. Although we loved and appreciated the experience, when out exploring and hiking alone, we would much prefer to walk.

The image below shows Mokomai (what I call) levitating. Rapanui dancers can jump, but Mokomai (our go-to tattoo guy) seems to be abe to just stand on one spot and levitate. There are more images featuring Mokomai in the folio.

Again, these images are included in the Folio, on Page 12 of the Easter Island section.

Getting near the end here – I’m working up a couple more, not sure beyond that, but it looks like this will carry the blog through March. The Island folio has expended considerably and I’m very much enjoying making these available. In May local events pick up, and as we will both have our second shots, I will be great to be at some new work. It’s been a long year.