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The Founders

Mar 9, 2021

Scanning through my exposures of Easter Island for missed gems, I rediscovered this. I would regularly jog the three miles around the block from Terry’s. In late 2016, our last trip, I spotted this back in a field off the “ old” around the corner from the “Jardin” or Garden Center. An obviously very talented sculptor, or sculptors, was launching something of a major project. There were multiple stone platforms like this. On this one were two ginormous statues – pretty sure representing the Hotu Matua and Vakai-a-hiva (hope I got this right), legentary founders of Rapa Nui.

We went back with cameras and roamed around, checking out the platforms and looking for angles. Nan actually made the original exposure for this one – standing in the same spot from which I took mine, only her height difference lower making for an improved angle. Ouch. Fortunately her point-snd shoot at that point shot RAW, So I decided to start with her exposure rather than mine – appreciating that little bit of angle improvement.

These striking, raised, large sculptures are outside of town, in a direction few tourists would ever go. I shot this near the end of our last trip in late 2016, so have no real information as to what is planned for the site, the purpose, etc.

Been busy this week with some other stuff – including getting my first covid shot, so there’s only this one image. However I managed to identify a couple more to work up quite soon in the way of overlooked images…

This on Page 12 of Easter Island Folio for viewing and downloading.