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Work and Play

Mar 29, 2021

A couple of everyday work and play scenes. My Easter Island Folio is something of a portrait of Rapa Nui from the time we were there. Perhaps more akin to a sketch portrait. There are just a few seemingly random subject matter images left in my work-on folder at this point. Here, I was roaming around Maruka’s yard and crossed over to the plot next door to watch Ruperto Tepano and one of his boys plowing his garden. Both of them were mostly in shade while the background was in horrendously harsh sunlight – wow, that was tricky.

Below is a shot I took with my 400mm lens, so I wasn’t actually close at the time. These kids kept climbing the rock and leaping into the rocked-in tide pool on the edge of town.

The exposure was taken on the coast, mid-day, with nary a cloud in the sky – very harsh lighting. Once I got started on these two exposures I didn’t blame myself for leaving them to near last. Not fun.

I’ll be finishing up with my Island folio expansion very soon now. And no, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible that I could, at some point, make an addition or two. All esposures are potentialities. While most don’t work out, and a lot do, there are always a few that one simply hasn’t figured out just what to do with as yet. But essentially and tentatively I'll be calling the folio “complete”. Sometime In April I will catch up the Easter Island posting pdf files on the Archives page. I’m looking forward to that point – and getting back to my ongoing Havre de Grace project. Huaaaaaaaa…

Page 12 of the Easter Island Folio for these…