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Easter Island Project – Volume III?! and Portrait of a Dancer

Apr 5, 2021

Admittedly I wasn’t originally planning it, but Nan thinks it would be good, for at least her, to have the balance of the project b&w images in book form to go along with the two existing volumes she has. Besides, a couple of my favorite images from the project are in this group. As I was already readying the pdf version to post as a free download, it will be simple to order a book from the file – albeit costly. There will have to be some doubling up of images on pages as there are a lot of images to squeeze into a little over 100 pages. Ill adjust the pdf to match. This will be something of closure, a completing of a project that took on a life of its own, vastly outgrowing the original concept.

That will be my primary focus for April. It will be nice to have this to work on while I wait for my second covid shot to become effective and the weather improves. Hopefully by sometime in May I will post the eBook for download and announce that I am ordering Nan’s hardbound version. At that time I can get a cost quote from the printer and offer anyone who might want me to add to the order – at the same price. There are some of Volume I still available (which I’ll throw in for free) and one of Volume II that I would have to charge something for (it was printed the same limited way).

I’m posting, at Nan’s request, an image of one of the Matatoa dancers. In fact, she made the selection from my exposures of him herself. Also on Page 12 of the Island folio.

There will probably be a couple of “straggler” images coming – I’ve found that working on a book file sometimes leads to additions (and/or omissions).

Update: a couple Rapanui graciously posted the young gentleman’s name for me – Poki Tane Haoa Hei. Suddenly within the last month or so internet connection to the Island has made a quantum leap. That increases the potential to get a lot more names that I would like to add to images. And makes me want to work that much harder to provide them.