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Hugo Playing and his Carving

Apr 18, 2021

Working on finishing up the Island Image collection with a couple of shots of people we knew. Above is Hugo (no, I don’t have a surname) playing with Matatoa in 2008. I’d gotten what I needed of the dancers and was using a zoom lens to bring up players behind, When shooting action I like to use a slow shutter speed and concentrate on getting the head, or at least the eyes, still. Further movement-blur helps tell the story.

A couple of years later we found ourselves returning few times to one of the booths in the Artisinal in town, trying to catch it open. This moai kavakava below was there and we really wanted to add it to our collection. Turned out Hugo carved it. It’s 15 inches tall and actually stands on its own (not all that common with these). The turned head is a little different too. The carving is very nicely done and it is tied for the most we were able to spend for an Island carving.

Image in Easter Island Folio on Page 12. I’m still working on a grid of thumbnails representing images of people whose names I’m seeking.