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Nan Picks Another One – again without a name

Apr 11, 2021

As I begin work on the third Island PDF book file, Nan seems to want to make sure I don’t miss anything she might want in there (see, she gets the hard-bound volume). She selected a couple more – this one and another I’m working on that is proving a little problematic. Again, I would love to have a name – I believe he danced with Kari Kari.

 I’m adding it to Page 12 in the folio where any can be downloaded. I’ll reiterate, anyone associated with subjucts of the portraits that needs/wants a higher resolution print file needs only to let me know – I’ll provide a link.

Name Huntthere are a number of images of people in the Easter Island Folio where I do not have names. Initially it took trips to the Island to get them – now it looks like I might be able to try something different. I’m working on a posting (or two) where I create a grid of 4, 6 or 9 images with links to full size folio versions, looking for names. I’ll probably number them to avoid confusion.