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Adding Two More People Images to the Easter Island folio

May 14, 2021

The intro image was taken from horseback as Ruperto and his family led us into the area around Teravaka in 2009. That’s Nan and Maruka in the background. The three on the horse who were really enjoying themselves – I have no names for them. The image was a little tricky, there was some horseback-generated camera shake to minimalize.

The shot below is of Napo’s mother in 2010. We were in a restaurant in town with Helga and Terry. Again, we actually never knew her name, and communicated very poorly as our Spanish is about as bad as her English was. Occasionally she would flag us down to drive her out of or into town, simply pointing the way.

Both images are on Page 12 of the Island Folio, larger and downloadable.

After this I have two additions to a previous grouping that I want to add, and then just two or three that are on a “maybe/maybe not” list. In other words – I'm getting very close to finalizing these and working up a third PDF eBook from all the additions. Good thing because Havre de Grace is showing signs of coming back from COVID.