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EASTER ISLAND FOLIO – Adding two more favorites in the Down exhibit set of images

May 21, 2021

I'm adding two additional images into the Easter Island folio next to the first two in their series, on Page 8 of the Folio. Of course that meant moving two from that page onto page 12, but that wasn’t much of a problem. It takes all four images to make the set, and tell the storyThis was the Down group art exhibit at the Museo in Hanga Roa in 2014. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience for us. These young ladies and gentlemen were charming and focused on their art.

This was before the reception – they are shown here practicing on us, explaining their work – as this was sure to be a major part of the upcoming scene. Having had a number of exhibits myself, I quickly realized that I wished I had had someone do this for me at my first showing. I think I needed it more than these guys did. I should mention that we recognized a few of the artists as active participants in the Hanga Roa community.

The art work, stretching around the gallery, was impressive. I selected the three artists featured here partly because they were so good at expressing what they were going for – better than me and more honest than most, and because we really wished we could take a couple of the pieces pictured home with us. Below are smaller versions of the first two images – all four are together on Page 8 of the Folio. I’ve shown the original color exposures of these before, in the original Easter Island Journal blog postings.

Again, click here - Page 8 of the Folio - to go to view the set of four larger.

I’m pretty sure I could take the color exposures, correct the alignment to rectangle, interpolate and print a pretty good image of both the Birdman and Moai paintings. Just a thought.


• This pretty much rounds out the Easter Island image folio, at 295 images (wow). As I work on arranging images totaling almost as many as the first two volumes combined into a PDF eBook, a projecct I am now tackling, it’s conceivable that there could be an addition or two – I left room for them. At the same time, it’s also conceivable that a couple/few will be dropped as redundant (not people). Right now I’m working on groupings, both small and large. This will be something of a different beast. Of course Nan wants a hard bound version of this to add to the first two – helping by holding me to a higher standard, while slowing things down some. This could take a while, there’s a lot to do

• The “Blog Albums” page was where I posted gatherings of related postings before I expanded the Folio to include ongoing work. I’m eliminating that. Full back blog postings can still be accessed on the Archive page – periodically moved to pdf format by year as space in the Archive is needed. Archive and Books pages are being updated as needed to allow for changes, simplifying the site considerably.