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Frank's Pond, an exercise in tone – and weekend market entertainments

May 18, 2021

I’m always prepared to attempt wildlife images in b&w. These are usualy exercises in frustration. Occasionally I get what I like – but it pretty much ends there. Do I care… Naaaaaaaa. Working up this image was an afternoon well spent.

I took my longest lens down to Frank’s pond here in Havre de Grace (pond is a generous term at best) to catch the usual line-up of water turtles sunning themselves on logs. But the sun wasn’t quite right, the water was too high, the turtles were too muddy and there were far too few of them. Otherwise it was a fun outing – hey, getting out at all after the past year is fun.

This image goes alongside my b&w flower shots, included in the Folio simply because I like them. I sort of see these images as using b&w to try and capture something akin to abstract art in nature. This one tends to look better as it’s printed larger.

Below is another Saturday Farmers Market day background entertainer. This week David Jaffe was enjoying himself immensely singing fun songs and asking for donations to the Lighthouse Fund. People were responding with lots of smiles and dollars.

This fellow, singing some wonderful, grittier songs was attracting a lot of attention at the annual garden mart across town. Definitely a contrasting sound, as well as look. I had a little fun with these. Haven’t been able to come up with a name yet.

Both posted in Havre de Grace Street / Everything Else folio page for best viewing (and downloadable).

Beginning to look like my “Everything Else” category is going to have to split into more identifiable categories.

My only complaint with the market this week is that the line for coffee was long and not moving at all. Had to give up and leave. Second week in a row for this guys……. morning coffee is important.