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Frank's Pond Heron and Boxturtle Bob

May 25, 2021

Here I was just innocently trying to find something of interest for today’s posting and came up with these two images. I caught the image of the Heron flying across Frank’s Pond at the edge of town (“pond” is a rather generous term). Studies in tone and pattern – really all b&w nature photography has to offer. Not enough for some, more than enough for me. In addition, the stark, frozen action caught by panning combined with a fast shutter has the heron looking a little like a carving suspended in front of a totally disconnected background. It looks best at around 15x20 inches.

There was a snapping turtle surfacing occasionally that (who), with his back and tail both arching out of the water looked more like the Loch Ness monster (I have a lousy picture of that). At the same time there were numbers of huge fish of some kind feeding aggressively in the grasses along the shore, causing a good deal of turmoil in the water. The one thing I couldn’t figure out is how the heck the pond water was almost a foot higher than a week ago, when it hasn’t rained?

Below I’m adding to my series of grab shots of entertainers at our Saturday Farmers Market – this week it was Boxturtle Bob. Definitely a laid back dude, surrounded by stuffed animals and other paraphernalia. I kept, to Nan’s great discomfort, breaking into little dance steps. Definitely make-you-smile songs for early Saturday morning.

Both of these are on the new Around Town 2021 folio page…

Short Market Rant:

This third Market of the year I finally got a cup of coffee. There were only two of us at the time and It took 20 minutes, because this year’s java provider is offering only the fancy stuff – each cup individually ground on site, and then slow dripped by multipe small pourings of boiling water through the grounds.  Nan, or I, take less time to make a good breakfast, including the coffee. What about not-coffee-officianados  who simply want a cup of anything related to coffee while cruising for produce, in maybe less than 5 minutes (better yet – one minute)? Nan and I were in hysterics on the way home laughing about it. Now all I have to do is figure out where I put my old thermos……