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May 10, 2021

It’s May and things are supposed to be gradually coming back here in Havre de Grace. The first First Friday in it seems like forever was scheduled for the 7th – when rain interfered and ther were a lot of questionable plans to move things indoors (in the time of COVID?). The town police announced cancellation. Still a couple of venues continued inside, but we’re certainly not going to be part of that mess.

So, all I have is the shot above of a small band called “3/4 Band" – sounding pretty good actually – at Saturday morning's Farmers Market. I could have taken this kind of thing with the iPhone, but I was chomping at the bit to get my main camera out. I shot this with my Fuji and 50-140 at f2.8 from across the prking lot – trying to keep the background as out of focus as possible. Then we walked over to where the Pride of Baltimore II was parked alongside the pier. Not very conducive to shooting, but I did grab this view of the rigging from standing alongside – almost at deck level. It does not look like a ladder I would want to have to climb in foul weather.

Both images are folio’d in the Havre de Grace Street Everything Else section.

Not eye-popping stuff, but hopefully this is just a small beginning to a very fruitful year here in our great town. In fact this week I’m meeting with Rogue Swan (yay) to see what I can do with-and-for them this year. Definitely looking forward to that. I’m hoping for something sooner, but First Friday in June looks right now to be the first really promising opportunity for images. I AM playing around with a couple of ideas for something before then – gotta work out a couple of things before going forward. In another week or so the stubborn low temperatures are supposed to end (along with some of the rain, I hope).

I’m also still working on finishing up the Easter Island work – running a little slow what with the backlog of things to get done after we both made it two weeks past our second COVID shots.