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A Couple of Images from The Blues Festival

Jun 11, 2021

Saturday’s Blues Festival events worked as a continuation of First Friday, with many of the booths srtill in the streets – and it didn’t rain. We attended a couple of the free street performances in the afternoon. The image above is of Jocelyn Christian (Band). A small crowd showed up for the show – under the big tent – at the start. By the time she had to end it, I imagine in favor of paid performances beginning elsewhere, the gathering was many times larger. This young lady could have, should have been the premier paid act for the evening. We want to see her at the Opera House sometime next season!! I haven’t seen any of the street performers attract so much attention and be applauded so thunderously.

At one point I turned my lens on this young couple behind the crowd, dancing to one of the numbers – in the blistering sun. The impressive thing was that they were making some nice swing-dance moves. Somebody has been practicing:

Images added to the Havre de Grace Street 2021 folio.