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Rogue Swan is Back, and I'm there – Here's Jesse

Jun 28, 2021

After a year and a half hiatus, Rogue Swan, our own local theater and vaudeville troup, is back. Their 2021 debut performance was a very imaginative dinner theater thing at Vandiver in town – billed as: lll-Kept Secrets at the Vandiver. I don’t know about the title, just that it was a roaring twenties theme for music and dress. The event was sold out, as will be the ones in August and October – Nan already has her ticket for August.

I’ve already gotten the color exposures to Lilli – so some of those are out there (some possibly in “untortured" b&w), so now I can work on my own b&w masterworks. On stage one buggy issue can be removing head mics from the performers – here it’s going to be doing something about distracting backgrounds. I like a good challenge. Wow, I thought it was rough while I was focusing on grand scenics. Ha, with people it’s often not the subject but everything else that’s the problem.

It will take a while to work through these – between the rehearsal the evening before and the performance. I think I have everyone covered for something of a spread here. I might even manage to get into a little trouble for a couple of my selections – one can always hope.

It’s a lot of fun and a privelege to have the opportunity to take my b&w into the performance arena. thank you Rogue Swan.


I should probably try to deal with these images one performer at a time (mostly). First off – Jesse Hutch (or Hutchinson). The opening image captures something of Jesse as a more mature performer. At only 23 he’s still awfully young for what he can do. I gave the exposure something of a retro/vintage-crooner treatment. 

I learned a new word: ennaptych

Below Jesse takes advantage of one of those instrument-only pauses in a song to step forward and dance it as only he can. I held the shutter down for about a dozen shots and pulled nine out for the following ennaptych (I confess I had to look it up – anything beyond triptych was news to me):

These look really good blown up individually, and could possibly be printed as a poster like this (if I ever get my new printer).

I’ll wait until I get through this event before I set up the folio for Rogue Swan 202.


It’s definitely coming along – July looks good for making another spurt of good progress.