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The Drum Circle is Back

Jun 7, 2021

Yes, First Friday’s Drum Circle is back. Cliff Giles led a small group of intrepid rhythmaticians in blistering sun that eventually turned into one freaking impressive cloudburst. It was good while it lasted. The image above and first one below are two young drummers who were very much enjoying themselves. I haven’t names, but I also am still setting up the folio for First Fridays, etc. this year.

A catch-up image. Saturday a week ago Farmer’s Market was another rainy experience. The entertainment was Clarinet and other wind instrument player Brad Burchette. Here Nan sets down her greens to take in a few very, very nice notes – while I circle around with the iPhone to grab a shot. Good music while we shop the weekly market is cool, even in the pouring rain.

I hav a couple of more shots from before the rain Friday evening, and a really nice spread I did of blues Jocelyin Christian Blues Band Saturday afternoon’s Blues festival in town. Hopefully I can get those up this week. Image in 2021 Around Town folio.


Really getting into it now – came up with a tentative arrangement, scratched a couple of images, made a list of what new images I need to do up to round out the themes, etc. Process will be a little slower than anticipated but as long as I do a little work on it every day, I’ll get there. While there will be a lot more individual images in this collection, some don’t require the one-per-page rule. And this volume will have a little of everything – converting it to a pdf eBook will be trickier with the number of images that are combined on some pages. Not looking forward to that issue.


Just when things are getting back to happening – my printer died. Biggie ouchie. OK, as someone rubbed in when I told them, the poor thing was 14 years old. But hey, it was 2.5 grand, floor model, 24 inch wide pigmented ink, giclee printer. My Epson 7800 was overworked when we were home, and then left to sit for three to four months at a clip when we were on Easter Island. And it never faltered – until now. In fact, two weeks ago it produced a couple really nice prints for me. But that’s not the worst of it – no new printer is available, anywhere, not even a refurbished one. I’ve narrowed down my needs to one model, back-ordered because of COVID issues. Sellers speculate that it will be July at the earliest. This is going to be a major frustration.

I did get to vent a little. I found one outfit who claimed to have one, ordered it and was assured that it was on the way – "too late to cancel the order". A few days later they notified me, after having taken my money, that it was on backorder and “might” be here by sometime in July. Fortunately I had paid with PayPal – they don’t take to kindly to that kind of crap. I threatened a complaint and had my almost two grand back immediately. Later I received a formal apology and assurance that they will be changing some policies. While I had dealt with this seller for a couple of decades, they were bought out, the web address auto-forwarding customers to the new site. I’ve gotten so I expect a dramatic downturn in service whenever a great outfit is bought up.

Replacement will probably be the 17” wide P5000. I can keep the stand from my old one, get some hardwood plywood for a platform and mount it there instead having to look for a sturdy enough table. It still weighs about 120 pounds.