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Three of Rogue Swan's Bre at ISO6400

Jun 29, 2021

Shooting action in low light is something of a challenge – and kinda fun. Between the rehearsal the evening before and the performance at Vandiver’s I made more than the average number of attempts. Iset my ISO on auto, shooting wide open and at a shutter speed that was right on the edge of enough and not-enough. In the end everything came out ISO 6400. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Bre Lewis – man can she sing – is the subject of this posting. The intro shot was taken during rehearsal in the garage converted into a music studio, at night. She was in a rather dark corner, so I took advantage of her silhouette to catch her singing. I love this one. And Bre, I’m sorry, I did remove your watch. I get the image done and just couldn’t take it, it had to go.

Below is another from the same vantage, caught while rehearsing a duet with Brian. Backlighting puts a nice glow around her profile.

Last is from the performance. To make up for some underexposure of Bre, even for RAW shooting, with much brighter background since it hadn’t gotten dark at this point in the show, I went with a high-key look to capture the feel. The theme of the show was the flapper era, the roaring twenties – this shot of Bre could have been taken then.

OK, that’s a few days of hard work there. Much more to do – but since I’m in need of a little break, I’m gonna work up a couple of images that are going to be both fun and a little easier. Then back to dragging images kicking and screaming out of the shadows.

Again, the folio page for these will be a little while coming.