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Finishing up with First Friday in July

Jul 27, 2021

As I mentioned in the last posting, it was a rough day and I had to quit early. But I managed to take a few shots. Not a big harvest, but I do like a couple of them. This posting focuses on kids, two of them from a regular source of good vibes – the Drum Circle. In the opening shot, our own April Monique belly-danced in the circle while a young gentleman helps provide the rhythm.

In the second shot Duke Thompson and a more than slightly shorter little friend play their part. There can be a lot to cove on First Friday and I always hesitate to leave the Drum Circle, know that it’s a given that I will miss some good opportunities.

Last is a very quick grab shot of a fast moving wagon with two little girls in it. I didn’t have to do anything to accent the surroundings blurred a little, it exposed that way. I’m just amazed I caught the split second when the little girl looked my way.

Ta da, back in the groove – able to think again. Now I can work up the couple of Images I caught the next day at the 4th of July festival (on the 3rd). The images have been added to the Folio page HERE. They open slightly larger, on darker background, and downloadable and, for some reason I can’t explain, look so much more like the print would – the reason I always try to remember to provide the link.