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First Friday in July – and brain fog lifting

Jul 26, 2021

I know that I’ve gotten behind, it couldn’t be avoided. It seems that a few years ago when some unscrupulous idiot endodontist did a root canal on me, he did only one root – leaving a dead nerve in the other. This was a ticking time bomb. I finally got in to see another endodontist, with an infection in an otherwise good looking tooth that had spread through my upper jaw. In the three weeks I had to wait to get this fixed, it spread more in spite of being on antibiotics. So after an hour and a half of torture, during which I confessed to crimes I never heard of, I have a new complete root-canal. Pain is bad, but brain-fog is intolerable – especially for over a month. I imagine it's like trying to work in Photoshop on pot (without the euphoria).

First Friday in June was the first without rain since well before COVID. I was a little off, and tired easily, but have a few shots – with three more featurnig young participants in the next posting. The intro shot this posting shows Pam Wilde working on a portrait in front of the Artists Emporium gallery where she shows. One of her paintings, a First Friday street scene, sits on the easel on the left. Working this up I noticed something that I totally missed when I took the shot – how does the sketch she’s working on have enything whatsoever to do with the subject sitting in the posing chair?

Below is another artist working outside the Emporium, a little sketchbook watercolor. I can’t paint but do enjoy watching this kind of thing, seeing how an artist in another medium works.

Finally one of the more interesting bands this time around. The music was pointedly more polished than their appearance – cool. I kept coming back to listen some more – it was very difficult to keep from dancing. At the end of one of their numbers I managed to fire this off:

They’re added to the Havre de Grace folio section HERE. And I’m already working on the next posting, it feels good – and I’ve even gotten back to working on the new Island book file.