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More from Rogue Swan at the Vandiver

Jul 15, 2021

New time I tackle a tough one, a series of images of Tara dancing at the Vandiver. But first to finish up with show shots. The image above shows customers, after dinner, enjoying dancing while Brian sings. There were a number of numbers, some duets that got people dancing.

Below a couple of duet images. First, Jess and Brian – the women did seem to love it when the men were singing:

Last, Bre sings with Brian – come to think of it, they all took a turn singing with Brian:

As I mentioned, now to Tara. Tara is a member of Rogue Swan who resides in New York now, recently getting a part in a musical production of  Pride and Prejudice. She showed up at this performance in full “flapper” mode – she’s the blur in the foreground above. Images have been added to the Folio here – Rogue Swan 2012 for best viewing and download.

Playing catch-up with these, the Island images finals and even First Friday……

Still fighting what turns out to be a root-canal infection that is in the bone – awaiting a much dreaded trip to the endodontist. Spending too much time too fuzz-brained to dive into Photoshop. Seems to be a little more under control now.