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Nate and Caleb – in rehearsal

Jul 1, 2021

A couple of shots of Nate and Caleb Gordon, two of the musical accompanyment at the latest Rogue Swan performance. There they were either standing off to the side or seated at the drums waaaaay in the back. One would never suspect what goof-balls they can be..

They are brothers, Nate on the base and Caleb on drums. I confess to a couple of attempts to capture something during the Vandiver performance, to no avail. So I harked back to these the evening before in the garage studio. The way they feed off one another is great, I selected these two from a sequence resulting from holding the shutter down for a multi-shot burst.

Working of getting the Folios ready for these. Rogue Swan 2021 page should be working and accessable from the Havre de Grace page – the thumbnail might be a little late going in there. Now back to the tricky stuff…