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Two from Rogue Swan – while I recover…

Jul 8, 2021

A short posting as I have far more to cover. More soon. From the May Show at the Vandiver: the opening image is Katie Gordon, queen bee of Rogue Swan, setting up to sing. I tried a couple of actual song views, but this view captures so much more.

The second shot, below is of Brian Ruff dedicating his song to his wife, it coincidentally being their anniversary:

ON THE DIRTH OF POSTINGS (I know that its actually “dearth” but hate using that spelling”)

A busy but rough couple of weeks. I had to interrupt finishing up with the third Easter Island images book file to do some Rogue Swan stuff. Then I began having some kind of weird tooth-root problem. It would wax torturous and wane. In the meantime I managed to do some shooting First Friday and the 4th of July celebration downtown on the 3rd. Earlier the morning of the 3rd, with the tooth letting up a little, I ran the 5K in Aberdeen. But then it began acting up with a vengeance.

Well, it seems a decades-old root canal has decided to go bad, whatever that means. It roused a hidden infection where the root sits in the upper jaw, bordering on my sinus cavity. The pain, the pain… Anyway, I'm on antibiotics, after which an Endodontist will be taking that thing apart to, hopefully, fix it. Got to be the weirdest thing – the pain enough to make one’s brain not want to function. Weeeeeeee!

I did manage to spend the better part of a week working on the site here though, hopefuly clarifying the structure of the Folios a little. This didn’t require near as much concentration as actually working up images would have.

Note: The 5K was the first I've participated in in a year and a half. I didn’t know a soul there but wound up running with, conversing the whole way, a fellow who was keeping the same embarrassing pace. 44 minutes – a new record slow-time for me. Oh well, there’s the Halloween run in October.