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Behind it all – The Drummer

Aug 30, 2021

I thought I'd use this posting to show two images I managed to get of the Rogue Swan drummer – JimmyO Burril – at the Summer of Love performance. The intro image was taken during the show, not easy to catch unblocked. I managed by inching towards the center while he was singing a number from his seat.

But, but, but – my favorite is the second image, taken during a very hot, humid rehearsal the evening before. He didn’t have a bandana to hold his hair down as a fan he set up to get him through the worst of it gives the hair an interesting lift. I ran the final version by Nan and she really likes it.

Just the two this time. I added them to the folio HERE – and cycled back to grouping images. I happened to catch a couple of interesting dance shots, underexposed by only about three f-stops, so I want to see if I can salvage anything. A couple look promising.