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Couple of Shots from First Friday in August

Aug 16, 2021

Right now I’m multitasking a little, what with working on the Easter Island book file, going through some new Rogue Swan images and catching up on the last First Friday. Here’s three from the latter. The opening shot resonates with me. I enjoy shooting the Drum-Circle so much that I’m considering spending an entire First Friday perched right there, capturing the ever changing dynamic. Enough clouds to protect me form the sun would make that very tempting, even at the risk of losing anything else – and driving Nan crazy.

I spotted the grouping above and fired off one of my burst, maybe a dozen shots. I knew it wouldn’t last and wanted to be able to select just the right one. Neither the then brutal sun nor the bustling crowd seem to exist.

There are a few more exposures from the event to look at, but these three stood out. I was photographing a band called “Freezer Burn” (working on a tricky one there) and noticed that an aritst had his easel set up and was taking a break from painting them (they were on break too). I liked the composition, on and off canvas, and fired this off – taking care to control the focus area. My first instinct was to wait for the artist to be working again, but wound up liking it this way.

Way over near the other end of the street fair is a little bridal shop (located right between the chappel and bakery). Street events tend to find a live model out front, often two or three. I made this exposure because I could not see how, standing hours in the hot, brutal sun in a bridal gown, this statuesque young lady could possibly be still smiling, let alone looking so good (I was dripping sweat into my eyes). People were constantly stopping to aim their phones in her direction, eliciting something of this pose. Maybe even more amazing it the fact that there was something of a rocking band in the courtyard right over her shoulder – how she could resist moving her feet to the beat seemed like an impossible feat. Awesome.

These three have been added to the Havre de Grace folio HERE.