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Rogue Swan at the Vandiver in August #I

Aug 29, 2021

Shooting this last Rogue Swan dinner theater event was a lot of fun – “Summer of Love”. They get better with each show, and I learn a little more of shooting action in challenge-lighting. This first of a few posting from the August dinner show at the Vandiver sports a few of my favorite group images. I’m dealing here with exposures that remind me of my film days using Tri-X and pushing it to ISO 800. Kinda grainy, but striking tones. Of course I’m blessed with much faster shutter speeds now – with film I’d be stuck trying to catch peak movements with 1/30 to 1/60 sec. Now I’m up at 1/200 tp 1/250 and shooting eight frames a second bursts. The results though have the same contrasty, grainy, dynamic look. And I thought the lighting a the Opera House was challenging – ha.

Above – Katie in the center with Moxie and Caleb

Jess, Scott and Moxie:

Katie and crooner son Jess – definitely my favorite of this set:

Katie and Scott duet:

Moxie and Alex:

What’s left is the bulk of the images, individual shots – enough that some may be presented in sets, and even s few dance shots. In a couple of cases I may have to resort to exposures from the rehearsal the evening before. And there there are the hippies in the audience… Again, these have been added to the folios, where they appear a little larger, look better and are downloadable – HERE.