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Saturday Market Musicians

Aug 13, 2021

We don’t miss a Saturday market if we can help it. Fresh eggs, vegetables, peaches, apples, etc. Heck, we didn’t realize what a difference freshness made with mushrooms – but now we’re now hooked on the tastiest baby-bellas we’ve ever had. But we no longer have to stand in the looooooong bread line since I began making our bread myself (my superhero name is “the MasterBaker”).

Havre de Grace always provides a little entertainment – ranging anywhere from interesting and pleasant to so lively that I border on embarrassing Nan by dancing my way through lines. On the way back out I grab a quick shot with the camera if I happen to have it – if not, with the iPhone. I’ve kept this year’s collection together in the Folio HERE. The three here catches me up for now.

Sometimes I manage to pick up a card or flyer, giving me a name. Like a dummy I assumed that I would be able to track down the info on line, – not always with success (oops) because not all are listed. Really confusing because they are so great at promoting the produce, etc. vendors.

This is all part of my ongoing portrait of our town… The couple above – sorry, this is what I was talking about – was performing with a little protection from a brutal sun – but not the humidity. They not only had a great sound, but exuded something of a magnetic charm. They seemed to really enjoy singing together – cool to watch.

UPDATE: This is Feather and Flask (Jack and Lisa Quinn) – LINK

Below – listed as the 3/4 Band. I have two of them in an earlier shot, one here:

Below – a bearded Paul Wilkinson. At first I was put off trying to get a shot through the very reflective glasses – but then noticed that I caught someone reflected there standing and listening:

Trying to get caught up before this week’s “Art Walk” event where Rogue Swan will be participating. I never know whether to cross my fingers for good weather because sometimes the opposite makes for better images. That leaves me busy working on the Island book and catching up on this month’s First Friday images.

Note: my printer replacement has been backordered since June 1…………………………