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Summer of Love #3 – Special Friends Join In

Aug 31, 2021

tWhile I’m bogged down trying to figure out what to to with the volume of exposures of some of the performers, I thought I’d throw a little light in the other direction. Many in the audience showed up in full hippy garb, others in more formal period regalia. Originally this posting was to include four or five audience participation images – but I simply could not decide between the two images here of Mya Jee, a Rogue member not in this particular show, and Jennifer Nicole Meckelvaney, who makes herself invaluable to Rogue members with her theraputic massage. The intro shot and first below are Mya, the youngest member of the troop – maybe she can let me know which one she likes:

When I spotted Jennifer taking to the floor I wasn’t prepared at all, and was lucky that I recognized her that fast. I rushed for a vantage point and held the shutter down – a couple of stops underexposed from ISO 6400 – for maybe eight exposures. By then enough othere had joined her to leave her completely blocked. The outfit was amazing and I didn’t breathe a sigh of relief until I saw the results:

Same problem here – in both cases Nan wanted one while I preferred the other, but only slightly…

Again – in the folio section Summer of Love HERE.