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An Other People's Art Posting – Maria Annegarn

Sep 24, 2021

It’s been a while since we acquired a new piece for our collection. We were in the RiverView Gallery here in town, where Nan and I both have work, looking around and spotted this. I opened the lid and knew we had to have it – and kind of surprised by whose tag was inside. It’s Annegarn piece – we have a collection of her human figures.

It’s called “Tree Vessel” and is a full eight inches tall and eleven long. When you take the lid off, it’s not only got a cool (and possibly functional) inside, the lid sports a bare footprint with an inscription: “Life is daring adventure or nothing at all.” Inside view below:

Of course we immediately laid it away – finishing paying for it this week. We’ve been acquiring choice fine art pieces from local artists for a few decades now, and have one heck of a collection. When it comes to innovative ceramic art, Maria’s are some of our favorites. She takes chances, experiments, says something. You can find her work at Riverview scattered around, usually pretty small but always grabbing the eye – if you go in looking, ask Tam where some of them are.

We will treasure this one…

p.s. still awaiting my printer replacement, arrrrrgh. When it comes I’ll be able to move some new work into the gallery – yay. Supposedly it’s a matter of weeks now instead of months…