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Finishing Up with Summer of Love Images

Sep 29, 2021

This finishes the images from the Summer of Love performance by Rogue Swan at the Vandiver Inn – at least for now. And actually these were from the rehearsal the evening before. I say finishing up, but I’ve so often gone back over exposures and found promising images to work on months or even years later. One’s perspective changes – usually for the better. So sure, one can’t save everything – the trick is to only throw away the absolute junk. Anything showing anything approaching promise needs to be preserved. The all important exposure is just a beginning, the foundation upon which all else is built.

The intro image is a septych showing April Monique (Burril) rehearsing one of her numbers. She was really getting into it so I thought I’d join a few of the shots together.

I did Moxie a couple of posting ago, from the performance. I also like this one from the rehearsal:

Added to the folio HERE