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More Summer of Love – Jess the Crooner

Sep 12, 2021

I grabbed a few shots of Jess in rehearsal – understated is the word I would use. But when he’s in front of an audience he comes to life. I shot the first five image in this sequence in just one early-on number. Believe or not, these are consecutive shots, in burst mode – less than two seconds accounts for all the shifts in stance. First draft of this posting saw all five as individual images. Then I decided to put together the composite above. Kinda fun. And it lets me place these into one view in the folio section. And yes Katie, I put it on the list of prints for you when I FINALLY get my new printer.

I thought I’d include one more of Jess – near the end of the show. Who else can get away with responding to the heat by dispensing with his shirt – and still come across looking cool.

In the Rogue Swan / Summer of Love folio HERE