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Summer of Love – Moxie

Sep 16, 2021

My camera position at the Summer of Love performance was off to the left. Moxie, Marion Jackson, performed most of her numbers close to that position – so I was able to do some extended shooting in my effort to get “the image” that I wanted. In the end I wound up using just about the last shot I did of her for the intro here. So many were better than expected, even in the what I call “low-to-no” light, that any one of over half would have been great.

At the same time I worked up something akin to what I’ve done for Jess – this time a sequence of eight exposures from the same song, arranged in two rows. Octaptych would be the technical term. Moxie, like Jess, is something of an animated singer – as one can see in this series. In fact images 2,3 and 4 were all exposed in three fifths of a second (consecutive exposures in a 5-frames-a-second burst) – as hard is that is to imagine.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the strength of the voice that comes out of such a petite young lady. There is plenty more Moxie, as well as the rest of Rogue Swan, in the folios. The Rogue Swan index is HERE

That finishes up the Summer of Love performance at the Vandiver – however I do have a couple of fun efforts from the rehearsal in the works. But I’ll have to take a break and get caught up on some other stuff first. Upcoming in October is the Halloween show – sold out again already. We’re a little antsy here as to where we will all be with COVID at that point.

Added to the folios HEREwhere the octaptych appears a little larger.