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Summer of Love #6 – Katie

Sep 3, 2021

Katie Gordon is the voice and face of Rogue Swan. The intro image here is Katie singing at the Summer of Love show at the Vandiver here in town. The second image below is my favorite shot of her from the rehearsal the evening before. I’ve noticed that most of the singing in rehearsal is a tad toned down from an actual performance, probbly to protect the voice. But it’s also a little more relaxed.

One thing I’ve picked up on is that singers, as well as musicians, are about evenly split between those who are more animated and expressive during the performance than rehearsal – definately Jess and Jeremy – and those who, as forthcoming as they can be when the spotlight is on, can’t hold their exhuberance in check during rehearsal – April and to some degree Katie.

Both images added to the Summer of Love folio HERE


Still no printer. I placed the order on or about June 1, and it is still backordered – but… there are signs. B&H is now listing it for sale, as “More on the way…” and taking orders, instead of simply out of stock. That should mean by the end of this month. I’ve yet to finish my stand for the thing, let alone order paper and replacement ink cartridges. There’s going to be a lot of test prints, etc. to turn out before I’m fully functional – inks have changed and I’m shifting to a new paper. Then I have a list of prints to be done. I’m ready for this.