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Summer of Love #7 – Jeremy Guitar Solo

Sep 4, 2021

I love the way Rogue works in solo opportunities for their members. Jeremy played in the background for most numbers – only to come out, literally let his hair down and show everyone what he can do. I took a number of shots leading up to this, some of which t thought were ok, but I really like this one. My favorite thing though is tough to discern viewing an on-line jpeg. A little larger, maybe 11x14 and higher resolution, you can detect the slight motion-blur in just the face that makes it work.

This is just a quick one-off. this evening was First Frday and tomorrow Belly Dance at the Opera House. A little to keep me busy. Might have to skip a couple of days getting these out at some point – Right now I’m working up a really nice portrait of cast member L.H. James and his wife in the audience watching this show.

Added to the Summer of Love folio HERE