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Summer of Love #8 – L.H. James

Sep 6, 2021

Another one-off posting. L.H. James, the great villain from Rogue Swan’s The Strange Case of Rogue Swan performances, sat in the audience with his wife Katrin for Summer of Love. But he’ll definitely be part of the Halloween performance at the Vandiver in October. This gave me an opportunity to get a shot of the two of them enjoying the show. Added to the folio HERE

A reminder image below – as you can see above, the antidote worked…

Hopefully I’m getting better at handling very low light. Since the worst exposures come out almost black, underexposed by two stops at ISO 6400, I never cease to be amazed that there’s anything hidden in there. The reason I don’t allow the camera to jump higher, to a more proper exposure at ISO 25600 is that I simply do not like with way the camera compensates to make up the difference – I would rather do it myself the hard way.

Note: digital is not film, and ISO settings have something of a different meaning. All initial exposures are made at (this can be but ususally isn’t changed) ISO 200 – this is simply what the sensor reads. Firmware immediately makes adjustments to the file to adapt to whatever ISO you may have set the camera to. This gives you your RAW file – the jpeg is made from that, in the process throwing away the ability to further adjust the RAW image. With the RAW, you can not only gain greater exposure range, you can actually, with a little work, do a better job of moving the ISO from say 6400 to 25600 (my two full stops).